While I officially live in Glenrock, like many of my fellow small-town residents, I find that I travel to Casper at least a few times a week for a variety of reasons.

Now that I am back to being a working mom I'm here daily at the radio station, but back when my kiddos were babies and toddlers (and I was a SAHM) it was a HUGE deal to come into Casper and go to the park.

As we would eat breakfast and plan out our day I would ask my kids what park they wanted to go to before we ran errands.

10/10 times they would shout out "Castle Park" and of course that's where I wanted to go too.

The play area at "Castle Park" (its real name is Crossroads Adventure Park) is one of my favorites for a variety of reasons.

  • Only one entrance/exit makes it easy to keep track of kids
  • A special area is created for toddlers and includes benches and a shady spot to sit and nurse a baby
  • The larger towers have epic slides
  • There are a variety of swings in multiple locations
  • It has monkey bars and ropes AND balancing areas so every kid can find something to occupy their time
  • Grassy areas right next to it allow older kids to play catch while staying where they can be seen

This park was already established when we moved to Central Wyoming 13 years ago.

So, when I stumbled across this video of it being built I was definitely captivated to see the process.

It was especially cool to hear that some of my coworkers were there building it and are actually in the video.

Were you there?

If so, you might want to watch the video and see if you can catch a glimpse of yourself.

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