Nashville may be all but closed down due to a winter storm that's putting the city on ice for the time being, but Tim McGraw managed to find something to do while waiting for temps (and stores and roads) to return to a normal level again: Namely, film a flock of turkeys.

McGraw caught a stunning video of a number of huge wild turkeys pecking about, presumably on his property, and not seeming freaked out by the bone-chilling weather at all.

"Wow," he noted in a voiceover. "These turkeys love the ice. Glad someone's enjoying it."

McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill, are probably right about now wishing they were at their tropical vacation home in the Bahamas. However, despite the severe winter storm warnings sweeping Tennessee, the couple seem to be generating their own heat, based on the steamy social media posts they shared over Valentine's Day weekend.

Hill put up a particularly sexy shot of the couple locked in a heated kiss, stating, "A kiss is not just a kiss when you are kissing your true one and only...Valentine."

Meanwhile, McGraw paid homage to his V-day sweetie by posting a montage of shots of "the best girl for me," plus also sharing with fans the dinner he made for her that night: One of her favorites, beef stew and cornbread. Sounds to be about the right kind of meal in the middle of an ice storm, right?

See Inside Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's Historic Tennessee Home:

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