A recent post on the private Facebook page - Casper Business Rants and Rave's - let me know that I am not the only one who is tired of having to pick up the Casper Journal from my yard (or worse off my vehicle) each week.  This private FB group has almost 8500 members and it is primarily a place where locals can to share experiences (both good and bad) or make inquiries about the best places that provide a desired service around Casper.

Earlier this week a post was put up in the group ranting about the Casper Journal newspaper that is delivered (free of charge) to Casper area residents.  The rant was 2 fold - first it was upset with the delivery drivers hitting vehicles parked in front of homes or in driveways, when they tossed the paper out each week. Second part was about having to pick up the paper (from the yard, flower beds, under vehicles, etc..) only to just throw it directly into the trash.

I don't subscribe to the local paper and often wondered if I could stop the deliveries of these free papers?  Much like direct mail advertising, these papers are delivered each week without fail and all I do is throw them in the garbage.  To me it's simply litter that I have to pick up!  Plus, if I go on vacation or out of town for work for a week or more, it tells the whole neighborhood that - I'm not home!

Knowing that you can opt out of direct mail pieces by paying a few bucks and getting your address removed from mailing lists at the post office, I wondered if you could do the same with this local weekly paper?  The answer is yes.

Casper Residents who no longer wish to receive the Casper Journal need only to fill out a request at the Casper Star Tribune's customer service website.  It will ask for a bit of information and there is a drop down menu that will allow you to STOP CASPER JOURNAL DELIVERY.  Once you've completed the form and enter the CAPTCHA code and hit submit, the Trib will "unsubscribe" you.  In theory, at least!  But I did it this week and have high hopes of not seeing this weekly publication on my lawn in the future.

Click the button link below to be directed to the Casper Star Tribune's page and let's hope it actually works in helping us get rid of this paper that is only helping to fill up our garbage cans and our landfill!

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