When thinking of a good plan destined to sink, the thought of remaking the Titanic is the top of the list. Well, that is exactly what billionaire Clive Palmer is doing. The plan is for the full scale replica of the original Olympic-class RMS ocean liner Titanic, to be the flagship of Palmer's Blue Star Line cruise company.  

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The intended launch date is set for sometime in 2016 with the project being green-lit since April 2012. The Titanic II will have the full experience of being on the original, from attire and menu, to the (tentative) plans there will be no cell phone, WIFI/Internet or television access. However, to hitch a ride on this new iceberg magnet, a 7-figure coin purse will most likely be needed. This is for the uber high class only, folks. Here's to praying it doesn't follow it's predecessor (although we're all secretly hoping it does). Oh c'mon... maybe Leonardo DeCaprio survives this time.