In recognition of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, which took place April 14 and 15 1912, Casper College statistics instructor Ray Steinbacher will present “Titanic: 100th Anniversary: Separating Fact from Myth” on Saturday and Sunday, April 14 and 15 at 2 p.m. each day. The presentation is free and open to the public.

According to Steinbacher, the research behind his presentation is based on repeated and thorough examinations of the official transcripts of both the U.S. and British inquiries plus the depositions of other survivors not asked to actually testify. He has coupled that with perusal of the many survivor interviews in the press and weekly magazines, and books and monographs written by survivors.

Steinbacher began giving an abbreviated version of the presentation in his classes on 'Titanic' day beginning in 2004 and has done it every year since.

“The story of the Titanic that everyone knows is far more myth than fact. It has been simplified and romanticized to the point where the actual events of the crucial period immediately before, during, and after the accident are no longer part of the story,I will put those ‘missing pieces’ back into the story. Those attending will have a very different take on the Titanic disaster after this presentation,”

Two of Steinbacher’s primary points of his presentation were officially confirmed in the fall of 2010.

“The granddaughter one of Titanic's surviving officers publicly stated that her grandfather had lied to the inquiry boards about what really happened. Her explanation of ‘what really happened’ IS what I had concluded 10 years before and have been presenting ever since,”

Both presentations of “Titanic: 100th Anniversary: Separating Fact from Myth” will take place in the Sharon Nichols Auditorium, located inside the McMurry Career Studies Center on the southern end of the Casper College campus. The presentation is not suitable for children 12 and under. Light refreshments, sponsored by the Casper College School of Science, will be available at intermission.

While you are in a Titanic mood, you might also consider the new 3D version of Titanic that opened last week at the Movie Palaces. You can check out the trailer for the movie.


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