OMG! There must be ice crystals forming in purgatory right now. If you'd have told me that Toby Keith, the man's man of country singers, was going to perform on Dancing With The Stars? I would have called you a liar!

Toby Keith, who just returned from vacation with his family, found out he is going to be doing just that. Toby sent this tweet - “Just back from spring break w/ family & heard I’m SINGING ON DWTS.”

We just got word that - Show Dog-Universal's Toby Keith will perform two songs during April 19's Dancing With The Stars on ABC-TV. Be sure to set your DVR's, I'm sure Toby will light up the stage on national TV.

Question:  Do you like it when Country Stars, perform on reality shows like American Idol or DWTS?  Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.