Tom Brokaw wanted a story on how people felt about Donald Trump’s first six months as President. He knew exactly where he wanted that story done - Powell, Wyoming.

Years ago, visiting a friend in Powell, he said, “I was so struck by what a wonderful, prototypical small town it was.” When he saw that Powell voted 70 percent for Trump, he wanted to come to ask how they feel now. (And he went to “Skyline Cafe!" I do too every chance I get.) Seriously, this is what Brokaw is really telling people now.

"There is some diminishment of the enthusiasm, but the people said it’s all our fault - the media’s fault, not Trump’s. So I thought to myself, ‘This is the chance to do the other America.’”

What was almost universally agreed upon was the role the media has played. Tom said, “They told me, ‘The country needs to hear the other point of view.'”

A report on an MSNBC interview has a headline that reads, Tom Brokaw: Trump Holding His Base of Supporters. Tom again mentions Powell as,

"a wonderful, classic, small, prosperous farm community." They don't feel any connection between what we do and how they live their lives.  ... They look at these shows doing analysis and commenting, and they don't see anybody who looks like them or lives the lives that they do."

Brokaw grew up in South Dakota. He now owns a ranch in Livingston, Montana. He seemed to enjoy telling the Powell Tribune  about how the lives of his kids and grand kids have been changed by the time they’ve spent in this part of the country (visiting from New York).

Often our news media does not get "fly over U.S.A.." If they even fly over they're looking down on us (figuratively and literally). Now, however, to have Tom come out and ask us what we really think is really cool. I mean finally someone actually did that.