I probably shouldn't laugh, but I can't help myself. There is a map glitch that is causing some tourists to run out of gas in a remote part of Wyoming.

A Wyoming Reddit user noticed something among the reviews of a Conoco gas plant near Lost Cabin. It was a one-star review of the plant by a lady who drove there thinking it was a gas station. Whoops. She asked her phone to "take her to the nearest gas station". This is where she ended up.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Her hilarious review said the area was lovely, but she couldn't recommend it because it wasn't an actual gas station. Classic.

She's not alone. Another guy a couple of months ago also mistook this natural gas plant for a gas station noting...

Thought it was a gas station had to end up pushing 40000 feet, ingested gas

Oh, tourists. What shall we do with you?

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