Trace Adkins is headed to Hollywood again ... this time on a Harley. Over the years, Trace has done his share of acting, with appearances on the sitcom 'Yes, Dear' and animated series 'King of the Hill,' as well as in films including 'An American Carol' and 'Lifted.' Now, the singing superstar is set to co-star with country music fan Matthew McConaughey in 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' which opens March 18.

"It was a great experience," Trace tells The Boot. "Everything I did was with Matthew. I enjoyed working with him. He's a great guy. We grew up about 60 miles apart; he's an East Texas boy. We got along good and had fun."

In the film, Trace's character, Eddie Vogel, is one who doesn't always stay on the right side of the law. "Eddie is a leader of a biker club," Trace explains. "Matthew is my lawyer on retainer and tries to keep my guys out of jail every time one of them does something bad. Matthew takes care of them."

While the movie is a drama that follows Matthew's character as he takes on a troubling client, Ryan Phillippe, Trace assures us it isn't all heavy subject matter. "There is a humorous aspect to it, but it's dark humor," he explains. "I like that kind anyway. It really wasn't a stretch for me personality wise."

Trace may not have attended acting school, but he has learned a lot about the craft from his music career. "Doing music videos prepares you for when you get into larger productions, whether it's television or movies," he says. "What it prepares you for is the waiting part, where you're sitting around on set waiting to relight something or light the next shot. That's the most monotonous part of it. Music videos are great for that part."

But the real question is whether or not Trace will continue to act. "I don't know," he admits. "I'd like to. I enjoy doing it. I really embrace the challenge. If it's in the schedule I have with my other job. I'd do some more of it."

Speaking of that "other job," Trace just finished shooting the video for his single 'Brown Chicken Brown Cow' on a ranch North of Los Angeles. It is set to premiere next week.

Trace hits the road next month with his first stop March 2 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The 'Lincoln Lawyer' is in theaters nationwide March 18.