So far 2011 has been a pretty good year for our friend, Trace Adkins.  His new single, Brown Chicken Brown Cow is burning up the barnyard.  He's also hitting tour stops including Plant City, Florida this Sunday, and heading to Hollywood to promote the release of his new movie, The Lincoln Lawyer

The movie, starring Matthew McConaughey and a star-studded cast, is set for nationwide release March 18th, but Trace is having an early screening for fans from his social networks and radio contests this Monday at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville.

Once in L.A., he's set to appear on CBS's The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, among other appearances including attending the official premiere March 10th.  Check out the movie trailer at the official site.

Can you guess who Trace portrays in the film?  Is it:

a)  Rex Neeland, rogue assistant D.A.

b)  Rogue biker, Eddie Vogel

c)  Duke Lloyd, misunderstood rogue Vietnam vet

d)  Ex-con turned rogue preacher, "Ten G" Hatz