If you're a Casper first responder, there's a Travel Channel show that wants to hear from you. Paranormal 911 is looking for police, fire and rescue or medical professionals that have had paranormal experiences.

Paranormal 911 is casting and they are specifically looking for Wyoming first responders for their show. There is a real chance that you could be featured on an upcoming show.

Producer Heather Findlay explained to us what the show is about and how Casper first responders can be on the show.

Here's what you need to do:

Email producer Heather Findlay your stories of any supernatural experiences you've had as a first responder. If they feel your story is compelling, you could be flown to a location for filming.

I have been in direct contact with Heather and here's what the show is looking for:

We're hoping to encourage all first responders (police/ems/fire - active or former) to send us their stories. HOW IT WORKS - applicants send us their stories, and if they are selected, we fly them to us to shoot an interview. Then we use that interview to film our dramatic recreations.

Do you have experiences as a first responder that you can't explain? Email Heather and just maybe you'll be on your way for an interview and national TV appearance on next season's Paranormal 911.

Courtesy of Bristow Global Media
Courtesy of Bristow Global Media

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