With the massive Spring snowstorm that hit Central and Southern Wyoming last night, many of the roads in Casper are covered in two feet of snow, and in some areas, there are drifts twice that size.

The Casper police have asked that anyone that can stay home do so, and have explained that due to the hazardous conditions even the snowplows will be unable to work.

But, as we know, the need for first responders doesn't stop just because it's inconvenient or even dangerous for them to travel.

Earlier today one of our community members caught local First Responders battling severe conditions to help someone in need.

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According to the caption on Melissa Keith's post, a Firetruck tried to reach the house of the injured person but became stuck in the snow.

An ambulance parked as close as they safely could to the home and then, the First Responders walked to the home and used a sled to drag the injured person to the waiting ambulance, which then took them to the hospital for treatment.

Here is a closer look...

As someone who has had to drag a toddler and preschooler behind them on a sled multiple times, I can only imagine how much effort it is taking them to get this person the help they need.

Please, take the advice of the Casper Police and stay home unless you absolutely have to.

And, perhaps take a moment to send up some thoughts for the safety of our first responders and community members who are skipping a snow day to keep the rest of us safe.


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