Over the weekend, our dog Coal went missing.  If that isn't bad enough, he did not have his collar on to identify him, nor is he micro-chipped.  Coal is Lab, so as many of you already know, they like to go what we like to call "visiting".  We live outside the City in the County.  In the past when he has decided to take a visit, he has returned home to us on his own, we have found him when we take a  little drive around the area, or we get a call from a neighbor letting us know he is at their place and we go pick him up.Now we of course, know that it is not safe for him to be out roaming around, it still happens on occasion.  Unfortunately, this time, he was without a collar.  We called Metro & the Humane Society (both of which were closed at the time) and we went to Metro to look for him when they opened up. We also posted his photo on Facebook which is ultimately,  how we found him.

Social Media is a great way to get the word out, but unfortunately, it can take some time when you are not friends with the person that makes the post and are not members of groups they have posted on.  So, before we connected,  a good Samaritan had found him, but they had no way to identify him and were not able to keep him, so they had already sent him to Torrington to stay on a farm down there with a family member until he was hopefully, claimed.

Without Facebook, we may never have found him.  So we are very thankful to have that form of communication.  After a little road trip to Torrington, he is back home with us.  That being said, I want to make sure I get the word out about a new service that will be provided by the Pet Ring Foundation.

The Pet Ring Foundation announced that beginning on October 1st, 2015, they will be assisting the communities lost pets a little further. Stay animals running loose can often result in a fatality.  Many times, good Samaritans will pick up a stray but can't keep them overnight.  Others won't attempt to pick up a stray, knowing they are unable to keep them or for fear of being bit.   Metro does have an officer on call until 10:00 PM, but often times it is difficult to reach them, something the current manager at Metro is working on correcting.

The Pet Ring Foundation is hoping to fill that gap and decrease pet fatalities by providing a free safe haven for the night.  Pets picked up after 6:00 PM may be brought to their facility for holding.  They will scan them for chips, cross post on their animal groups on social media, attempt to make contact with vets regarding tag information and attempt to find the owner.  If the owner can not be located by the following morning at 10am, the animal will be transferred to the care of Metro Animal Control.

It is the Pet Ring Foundation's goal to help return lost pets and decrease the number of animal fatalities while aiding Metro in lost and found.

This service is free of charge and not compensated by the city.  It is merely a service for a need that needed to be filled and they are happy to assist.  They will not seek out or collect stray animals, but citizens may bring them to them 24 hours a day.  Their facility is located at 2060 Fairgrounds Rd.

For more information call 307.233.6994