Driving in our part of Wyoming this time of year can be a challenge. What's it like for an over-the-road truck driver? A lady trucker recently shared her story and tips on what it's like to drive through Wyoming in the winter.

First, a disclaimer. I realize we're not technically in winter right now. That won't officially kick in until Monday, December 21. But, we've already had several snow events since this is Wyoming after all.

Happiness By the Mile is a very popular YouTube channel with over 176,000 subscribers. The lady trucker who is the host talked about what kind of beast I-80 can be this time of year.

Part of the footage she shares shows white-out conditions as her truck is going less than 10 mph. In typical I-80 fashion, she has traffic passing her during these conditions. Eventually she came upon an accident where a truck had jackknifed off of the highway. As she and other traffic slowed, they ended up on ice and couldn't move.

How does she deal with it? She wants everyone to know how fast conditions on I-80 through Wyoming can change. She's also a fan of Rain-X for keeping ice off of her windshield. Having supplies, being patient with others and taking your time can help make winter travels through Wyoming less of a hassle.

Her Happiness By the Mile YouTube channel is worth a follow if you'd like to see how road warriors deal with our state.

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