Casper... ya'll are some funny people, and I love you. I Had posted a challenge on the Rock 96.7 and you guys provided! 

Now this may not be the most sophisticated form of humor, but I believe it should be considered one of the most noble. Puns require a strong sense of literary analysis, quick wit, and a firm grasp on the English language. Being able to present these jokes with perfect timing, paired with a small grin as you wait for the chorus of snorts and boos from your victims makes the deliverer feel untouchable. The feeling of delivering a pun with a straight face is absolutely unmatched. 

Once you’ve mastered the art of fitting puns to your situation, you must develop the next set of skills. Making your situation fit your puns. Once you set a trap or open a door for your victim to unwittingly fall into just so you can deliver that perfectly concocted punchline, it is immaculate. You have demonstrated your superiority, your honed-in super power, but you are no hero. You are the villain, and better yet, you’re okay with it. It is always nice to present puns to those you know who will get a kick out of it. It’s much better to shove them in the face of those who loathe them entirely. 

I do truly judge ones ability to mix references and humor, like the examples below. This takes a musical knowledge, and a basic knowledge of food. I didn’t choose all the examples provided as I am bad at photoshop, and not every pun is a winner. It takes no small amount of finesse. 

Yes, the humor is cheesier than any deep dish in existence, yes it can bring literal tears of both laughter and annoyance, but no, you can never stop us. Live in fear, and be jealous of our language prowess. 

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