I think it's safe to say that moose are not known for being extremely playful. Two bulls in Montana decided to prove that theory wrong big time as they had a joyous romp in a river.

Check out these two big boys who had a splash party in a Montana river. After they leave the river the first time, wait for it as they both dive back in later in the video.

According to the video description, this moose party happened a couple weeks ago. The person who shared the video mentioned that these two bulls frequent the area often, but they've never seen them quite this happy before.

I will add this is one of the safest moose videos I've seen lately which is one reason I wanted to share. These people were in a boat. Unlike some Yellowstone tourists, they weren't trying to pet the moose. The moose weren't paying much attention to the people as they were preoccupied with eating leaves off the trees and playing in the water.

Be Prepared has some great tips to figure out when a moose is about to attack you. Bull moose in particular tend to get feisty in the fall when it's mating season. In general, if it seems like the moose is very interested in you, you need to get as far away from the moose as possible. You never ever want to get between a moose cow and her calf. They'll put a world of hurt on you.

As far as these moose bulls, they're just chilling on a hot summer day playing in a river. Sounds like a pretty swell idea even if you're not a moose.

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