It's almost like you are dining with these two moose in an intimate location. The snow is falling and the appetizers have arrived. In reality, it is an intimate photo session with these two moose. While in her car, the photographer of Fy Nyth pans back and forth to show each moose close up. There are several times where each moose looks directly into the camera. In the YouTube description, Fy Nyth writes:

During a spring snow storm last week, this mother and son pair were feeding on the swelling willow buds only a few feet from me. They seemed not at all bothered by my presence or the snow and wind.

Fy Nyth is Ariel's website where she talks about her experiences living "off the grid" in a tiny home. She lives somewhere in the mountains of Wyoming.  Her YouTube channel showcases the tiny home lifestyle to the fullest. The channel is full of nature videos like this one, how to cook in a tiny home, what it is like to live in a tiny home, and even a fishing trip. Fy Nyth is Welsh for my nest.


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