Back in 2018, I had the privilege to ride in and fly a classic Cessna 195 out of Cheyenne, Wyoming for a charitable cause. I'll never forget that flight. It was one of my all time favorites.

The 195 was built in the 1950's and because if it's streamed lined looks is one of the prettiest general aviation aircraft to ever fly.

Fast forward to April 2021 and I was visiting the airport in Sheridan Wyoming, because, well- AIRPLANES, I love them- and I saw another classic Cessna 195 out in front of the hangers. I had a photographer friend with me (Tim Mandese), I asked him to take a photo for me.

Photo by Tim Mandese Cessna 192 Sheridan Wyoming

Later that afternoon we were in downtown Sheridan, poking in and out of shops., and Tim called me over to see what he found at the Sheridan Antiques shop on North Main St. In the picture above you see me holding a model of that exact plane. The model was also made in the 1950's.

Photo by Tim Mandese Model of Cessna 192

Using the tail number of the real plane I look up it's owner and contacted him, letting him know there was a model of his airplane, still in it's box.

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Go anywhere in Wyoming and you can find little gems of history all over. If you love classic cars and trucks you'll find plenty of that. For those of us who are into aviation here are a couple of pieces of history that I happened to find on the same day, as if they were meant to be found and united.

Below is the video I shot of that flight I took over Wyoming in a beautiful 195.

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