Summertime is a big time for travel in Wyoming and people like to help other travelers with ideas and options of what to do. Travel Advisor is a source for travelers to research what they need to see while visiting.

Wyoming is proud of the rich and entertaining history and does an incredible job of highlighting that history in museums all over the state.

With tourism being one of the top money making industries in the Cowboy State, it only makes sense to have museums to highlight some of the history and art that can be found here.

Traveling around the state, you'll find all kinds of museums.

  • Old West
  • Animal
  • Geological
  • Vehicle
  • Military
  • Art
  • Children Themed
  • Novelty
  • Native American
  • Firearms

When you're on a trip through Wyoming, there is so much to see and do that you can't get to it all in just one trip. If you're time is limited, you can learn and see all about the state just by checking out the museums.

Most every city has a museum that highlights something special about the area. The best part is, they are generally a low cost source of entertainment. If you have kids, there are many that are interactive and will keep them occupied for hours.

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