This is kind of a joke and kind of isn't. If you look at internet definitions of Wyoming, you'll find that some believe that the state doesn't even exist. Seriously.

My quest began with a visit to the almost always snarky Urban Dictionary. Users provide "definitions" of terms and the ones with the most votes get accepted as the top definition. Most are as funny as you would imagine when the internet is allowed to do stuff like this. Here's the top definition for Wyoming:

Wyoming is supposedly a state. Wyoming does not in fact exist, it is a distortion of space-time that only appears to exist. Anyone you've met who thinks they have been to Wyoming, or believes they have lived in Wyoming have had fake memoriesimplanted by the U.S. government.

It goes on to say that this is how Canada gets new citizens. Funny.

But, there are those that are more serious about the idea that Wyoming is a myth. The guy in the video above believes he can prove that Wyoming doesn't exist because we have no reports of lice dating back to 2004.

Old-school cartoon people might remember that Garfield even spouted off about this theory that Wyoming isn't real.

I don't know about you, but I came to work today IN WYOMING. Pretty sure you did, too. What if we're wrong and this really is Canada? (*shudder*)

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