Seeing the wildlife throughout Wyoming is truly one of the great parts of living here. If you're a resident, you may get tired of seeing the antelope or mule deer on the side of the road, but for many it's a great opportunity.

Just a couple days ago, a YouTube user named RG posted a video of his time in the Yellowstone area. He caught some great footage of lots of different animals.

Maybe I haven't lived here long enough, but I still really enjoy seeing what Wyoming has to offer. It doesn't matter if its in person, in pictures, or on video that was taken by other people. It awesome to see moose, bison, elk, antelope and other critters that call Wyoming home.

RG doesn't have a very large number of videos on his channel, but the videos he does have are really impressive. Not only did he get to catch animals on video while in the Yellowstone area, but also caught whitewater rafting on the Snake River and took in the sights of Jackson.

There were other impressive videos on his page, but he seems to be quite the world traveler. With trips to Ireland, New York City, Japan, Peru, Mount Rainier and Iceland to name a few. To see that he enjoyed what Wyoming has to offer, just as much as those other locations, is pretty cool to see.

Take a minute and enjoy some of the sights he was able to capture while checking out this great state we live in.

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