According to a press release by Visit Casper, they have released a new brewery passport, the Local Ale Trail, to help people experience Wyoming’s brewery scene.

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Amanda Scherlin, director of marketing for Visit Casper, said:

"Casper’s craft beverage scene is impressive. Our brewery passport will lead 5150’ lovers and visitors to experience the best of our brewery scene."

Visit Casper partnered with five breweries: Frontier Brewing Company and Taproom, Gruner Brothers Brewing, Mountain Hops Brewhouse, Oil City Beer Company and Skull Tree Brewery.

Asia Eisenbraun, general manager for Frontier Brewing Company and Taproom, said that they currently aren't offering a discount, but hope to add one in the near future.

Eisenbraun said that all the brewers involved are like a family and this is another way for them to be connected.

"I think it's always great when all the breweries participate in something to bring all the breweries together, because we all work as a team anyways. It's nice as kind of a brewery community to do those kind of events and those kind of specialty things...just a little brewery family I would call it."

Scherline said the brewery passport will last a year, and they have done other passports in the past, like with Casper restaurants, and also have an arts and culture passport on their site.

The pass will allows users to check into each brewery to win a prize and sometimes redeem discounts, with users who check into all five breweries within 90 days of the launch are eligible to receive an Ale Trail T-shirt.

Scherline said they felt the time was right to do a the brewery passport and that it helps encourage visitors to the breweries and Casper itself.

"It's just something that we've always kind of had in the back of our minds that we wanted to do some cool brewery tours, a lot of destinations do brewery tours like this. Being able to add the incentive of a free drink Casper beer shirt was a fun thing. The time was right and we're excited to be doing it now."

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