In 1872 Wyoming wasn't a state, there weren't cars and there were only 5 counties. Albany, Carbon, Laramie, Sweetwater and Uinta.

1872 was also the year that Yellowstone National Park was made the nations first national park by President Ulysses S. Grant. Now 150 years later, you can help secure the next 150 years of Yellowstone.

The organization Yellowstone Forever, which is the nonprofit side of Yellowstone National Park, has come up with the idea of the Inheritance Pass. A pass that will only become valid in 150 years...2172. The idea is for the pass to be passed down your family tree until the time arrives for it to be used to spend time in Yellowstone.

According to Yellowstone Forever, the money raised from the pass will fund efforts to preserve the park over the next 150 years.

If you think about the difference 150 years has made since the park was established, then think about how quickly technology is changing the world, what will it be like in 2172 in Northern Wyoming?

Flying cars? Teleportation machines? Bionic Bison? The thought of spending $1,500 for a one year pass for the park that isn't valid until 2172 is a little overwhelming. The assumption is that you're future family will gladly venture into the park and see it's wonders.

The chances of you being around in 150 years use the pass are slim to none, but the pass is call an Inheritance Pass for a reason. It's meant to be passed down from generation to generation in your family and eventually be used by your kin in 150 years.

The pass even has a donation form that you can fill out, so that you can pick the person in your family to pass it down to. Once you make your selection, their name will be placed on the pass and they'll be able to pick who they gift the pass to when the time comes.

It's really a cool concept. If you're like many of us, you may be struggling to survive now and not able to worry about what you're leaving behind when your time comes. I guess if you can scrape together $1,500, you're doing a good deed and scoring something you can pass down through your family.

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