The short answer...YES. Sherrie's Place is known by many all over the state and country as being the best place to have breakfast. Sherries Place is located at 310 W. Yellowstone Highway in Casper.

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Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. So much so, that I regularly have 'Bupper' or Breakfast for Supper. This has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember.

When I try out a new breakfast location, I have high breakfast standards, get very picky and have a grading system.

If these breakfast qualities are checked off my list, I'll give the place the coveted "Breakfast of Champions Location" award. (doesn't mean a darn thing to anyone, but me...but that's fine)

  1. Crispy Bacon
  2. Golden Hash Browns
  3. Eggs perfectly cooked
  4. Gravy is the right thickness
  5. Toast isn't too crunchy
  6. Biscuits are airy, buttery and not too dry
  7. Pancakes are fluffy and a perfect brown
  8. Good Coffee

When I had breakfast at Casper's Legendary 'Sherries Place' (it took a couple times, I can only eat so much each time), I was greatly surprised and happy when all were checked. I haven't been able to give out the 'Breakfast of Champions Location" award to many places, but Sherries Place is rare.

I'm not the only one that has ever given great reviews and props to the small Casper restaurant.

Sherries Place was picked by as the best breakfast spot in Wyoming. Reviews have been left for YEARS on TripAdvisor & Foursquare by people from all over the country that had the opportunity to visit Sherries Place and have breakfast (or other meals) and loved their experience enough to let the world know about it.

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