I want to be clear that this isn't April Fool's Day and I'm not making this up. A man was recently pulled over by police after trying to teach his dog how to drive. Really.

Yahoo News was the first place I saw this story and it's a whopper. According to the story, Alberto Tito Alejandro was having quite a day. They had received reports of vehicles that had been hit by other drivers and also about that particular vehicle traveling at speeds over 100 mph. That's hauling.

Police stated the following after they pulled Alberto over:

When we took him into custody... he admitted to our troopers that he was trying to teach his dog to drive

Nope. I'm not making this up. Alberto's dog was a female pit pull who was fortunately not aggressive toward the officers and apparently was not responding well to the driving lessons. She's now being taken care of by an animal shelter while Alberto continues to face the music with the cops.

Things are done a little differently in western Washington state and this story is just more proof of that.

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