First, the good news. No one was seriously injured at the Snowmobile Freestyle event that happened in Jackson a couple weeks ago. That being said, there were two wild crashes that were captured on video.

Mike Less - Farmhand Mike shared this crazy footage from the Freestyle Snowmobile Event that happened at the Teton County Fairgrounds in Jackson the weekend of March 23. I'm really glad he stated at the beginning of the video that two guys had wiped out, but neither was hurt too bad.

The first wreck happens about 2 1/2 minutes in. The rider lands on the ramp at an awkward angle and is catapulted over the handlebars. Mike said that he believed the guy might have separated his shoulders, but wasn't hurt bad. I don't know about that description. I would consider separating my shoulders to be a big deal, but it sure could have been worse.

You can see the second guy that crashed around the 7 minute mark. He comes completely off his snowmobile and lands directly on the ramp, but gets up and walks away. Amazing.

These extreme snowmobile guys are known as Octane Addictions and are worth a follow on Facebook if you enjoy crazy stunts on snow or dirt.

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