Ever think of having a grizzly as a pet? If so, you need to rethink that idea. I've found several minutes of grizzly bears behaving badly to keep you from making a tragic mistake.

It probably sounds like I'm joking about people really thinking of having a pet bear. (It is illegal, by the way. Duh.) But, it was just a few days ago a lady in Yellowstone tried to pet a bison. You can't be too careful when it comes to tourons. (tourists + morons)

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Montana Parks and Wildlife shared this video many moons ago showing what their agents have to deal with when it comes to grizzlies. Here's how they described it:

FWP Bear Specialists have been busy this summer and fall managing Montana's Grizzly Bear. Here’s an inside look at what they deal with on a regular basis.

They're not kidding either.

Got a clueless friend who might make the jump to a bear pet? Show them this. You are welcome.

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