Have you ever been driving down one of our remote Wyoming highways at night and wonder what might happen if you come across a bear? One driver lived out this very scenario when a bear actually attacked his vehicle.

There are a couple of things I'd like to point out about this video, but before I do check it out as it was recently shared.

There are several things happening here. First, if you look at this screenshot closely, you can see there appears to be a carcass in the middle of the road.

Viralhog via YouTube

That makes me believe that the bear was defending a potential meal which would explain why it was so aggressive with the car.

There is one little problem. The video description says this happened June 20, 2020. If you look at the time stamp in the bottom right of the video, it shows January of 2018.

Viralhog via YouTube

I completely believe the video is actually legit, but the time differentiation is a bit strange.

If you haven't already, watch all of the video as you'll see proof of what this driver describes:

Bear scratched the windshield, scratched the hood and fender, and bent the frame of the car.

Bent the frame of the car? That's insane. That gives you an idea of why you never want to be on the wrong end of a bear attack even if you're in a vehicle. This driver was fortunate he was able to continue down the road and didn't end up stranded with his new bear friend.

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