If you have a pumpkin on your porch, you might want to check out this doorbell video of what could happen with a nearby bear. Yes, the Wyoming struggle is real.

NBC Montana recently shared this very special video from a Ring doorbell on their Facebook page.

I find it funny that the bear chose the small pumpkin instead of the bigger one. But, he did eventually seem like he was kind of settling in for a long snack when he laid down. So, the larger pumpkin might have been his main course.

This video dispels a long discussion many years ago about why bears hate pumpkins on Science Buzz. It was because of these zoo bears that completely annihilated pumpkins in front of a shocked zoo crowd.

If you happen to see one of these big boys chowing down on your front porch pumpkin, might not want to interrupt them. I hear that doesn't end well.

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