Thanks to doorbell cameras, we can now see encounters that would have just been stories otherwise. A new video shows a woman who took her dogs for a walk in front of her home only to meet up with a mad moose.

A Ring doorbell camera captured this special moment entitled "a typical day in Alaska".

The scared lady described the encounter this way:

I took my two dogs out to use the bathroom. I noticed that they were looking toward the left, but could not see anything, so we went about our business. Before I knew it, a large moose came up from behind me to get to her baby who was in the woods nearby. I grabbed the dogs, got out of her way, and returned to the safety of my home swearing all the while.

Alaska gotta be Alaska the same way that Wyoming gotta be Wyoming. In Casper, it's more likely to be Pronghorn in your yard, but we still understand the emotion.

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