What did my eyes just see? If I didn't know better, I'd think it was a small pony riding in a small car. Oh wait, it is.

Please watch this for yourself so you don't think I"m making it up.

I have so many questions, but first an observation. You'd think if a horse were going to ride in a car, it'd be a Mustang. Now to the questions...

My first thought is if this is even legal. I did a search (which I now regret) and it seems like this is a scenario that the law really never envisioned. I did find one law website that inferred this might come under the "transporting an animal in a cruel or unsafe manner", but it's definitely a gray area.

I even found a strange horse law website which has some crazy stuff, but nowhere will you find anything that talks about the possibility of a small horse in an economy vehicle.

There's no visible license plate in the video, so can't even tell which state this happened in. Let's just call it Crazy Land.

Perhaps I should give the driver the benefit of the doubt and allow for the possibility that this was some type of pony emergency. The pony doesn't look that unhappy, so I guess I should just calm down about it. It just seems like some sort of common sense would kick in to keep this from happening. Definitely a head shaking moment.

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