It's the simple things in life you grow to appreciate. This is a great example. It's a short video showing a colt having an absolute blast with an exercise ball.

Based on the video description, this horse is named "Phoenix". He's an American Saddlebred colt that had a fan send him an exercise ball. As you will see, he completely loves it.

Phoenix sure loves that ball.

This inspired me to do some research into horse exercises. FEI shares 5 ways to improve your horse's fitness. They mention lunging or long reining, trail riding, interval work and hills. Nowhere on their list to they mention giving your colt an exercise ball. Perhaps they should reconsider now.

I have learned that horses and exercise balls is not an uncommon thing. This mustang named Cruz had his 5 years before Phoenix.

This beautiful stallion named Zervas also got in on the exercise ball trend.

I stand corrected on the horse and exercise ball question. It's much more of a thing than I ever imagined.

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