There is still some good old-fashioned patriotism alive and well in the US of A. A doorbell camera captured the moment when a UPS driver noticed an American flag did not look as it should and took the time to fix it.

There's no mention of where this happened. According to the description, this happened right before the Memorial Day weekend.

Here's the background from the home owner:

I checked my security camera and caught my UPS driver stopping on his way out, after dropping off my package, to adjust my USA flag which had rolled up from strong winds. It happened on the Friday of memorial weekend. He had no idea anyone was watching and did it out of the goodness of his heart.

They shared the video so this unsung UPS driver gets recognition for doing the right thing when no one was looking. I concur. Let's celebrate people like this who haven't forgotten the significance of being proud of where you live and the freedom that flag stands for.

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