Not only is this the right time of year to embrace the American spirit, sometimes we just need a nice reminder of where we are and what the country we reside in stands for. There’s a movie for every situation, mood, event, holiday, whatever you like. How about movies for patriotism?

In light of the holiday – not to mention some tense political times – I think we could all use a few gentle reminders and good vibes for our country and people. Here is a selection of some of the most patriotic American films (tv miniseries like Band of Brothers or John Adams are not being counted, for the sake of keeping myself on track). Note the list includes more than just war-based films, because patriotism truly is so much more than going to war for a cause and country. The compilation below aims to round out American patriotism from all aspects, be it family, history, or American ideals and humanity.

A couple notes were taken from this map of the most popular patriotic movies for each state, which was published last year, including the most patriotic film for Wyomingites (I don't think you'll be surprised - I wasn't). What's your own personal favourite film that represents the land of the free?

The Top Patriotic Films For America

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