There are close calls and then there are CLOSE CALLS. This is that second one. It's video that shows a Montana hunter who really did get sniffed by a moose.

This happened a few days ago near Dillon, Montana. The hunter was after deer or elk and got up to stretch his legs when he noticed this huge bull moose headed straight toward him.

Here's how the hunter described it:

I was never expecting it to be a moose and definitely wasn't expecting it to come so close to me. I stayed as still as I could while trying to control my breathing. I didn't even look directly at the moose until he was past me...

Staying as still as you can is a good plan when you're this close to a moose. If I were him, I would have become somewhat alarmed when the moose started paying such close attention to him as it was grazing. Normally when a bull like this takes such an interest in you, it doesn't end well. In this case, the moose just checked him out and went on its way.

This is a case study of how an experienced outdoorsman that knows how to keep his cool can really pay dividends. We get a very compelling up-close moose video and he gets to live to tell this story for decades.

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