Some people are managing to keep their calm during this time where most of us are quarantined at home. Others aren't. That would probably explain why a guy saw his neighbor being dragged around his yard on a model train.

There really isn't a way to explain what you're about to see other than we've all reached the breaking point at some time.

I had to laugh at the guy who shared the video with his very matter-of-fact comment about what he saw:

My neighbor has a model train in his yard. I looked over one day and saw him laying on it riding it.

I could ask questions about why this guy has a model train in his yard, but that's not the funny part of this. It's his decision to let it drag him around his yard that has me wondering.

There is one other factor to consider. This happened in Wisconsin. If you've ever been to Wisconsin, you know that they have a very unique sense of humor there. Atlas Obscura noted over 100 cool and unusual things to do in Wisconsin. Amazingly, riding a toy train around your yard wasn't on their list. Maybe someone put something in his cheese. Or, maybe like a lot of us, he's kinda done with trying to be normal with social distancing and quarantine life.

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