It appears that a rare albino deer has been spotted in Wyoming - maybe. The video captured by a driver does show a white deer, but the Wyoming part is debatable.

Before I share what I found after doing some research about the location, check out this neato video of an albino deer captured by Denise and Dan Mortensen.

MSN shared this video a few days ago and they claim the video was captured near Spooner, Wyoming. By the way, there is no Spooner, Wyoming, but there is a Schooner, Wyoming. The reason I'm questioning the MSN location is the video description that Denise and Dan shared say the albino deer was spotted near Middle Mackenzie Lake. Based on what I've found, that is a lake that does not exist in Wyoming, but does in Wisconsin.

In the end, it doesn't really matter where this albino deer was spotted. The fact we have video of a very rare animal is cool enough. I'm just pretty sure this white deer is not something we can brag about in Wyoming. Oh, well.

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