What would you do in this situation? A couple who were on the lake boating came across a baby bear swimming with a jug on its head. Their bravery was captured on video.

Tricia Hurt shared this harrowing video on Facebook. She said that her family, Brian and Brady, were out on the lake when they came across a baby bear who was obviously struggling with a jug around its head. Here's what happened.

Here's how Tricia described the experience:

Never dreamt we would ever do this in our life time. Out on Marshmiller Lake yesterday with Brian Hurt and Brady Hurt when we spotted this poor bear. He made it to shore after all that.

Even a small bear can be dangerous, especially one in distress. The good news is the bear made it to shore safely with the jug safely removed and these guys didn't end up injured either. Well done, heroes.

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