What you're about to see is real. It's a guy we can imagine one day being a tourist in Yellowstone feeding ice cream to a bear. Really.

To fully understand what's happening here, you need to know this bear was raised as a cub by this couple after his mother was killed by poachers. Here's a video shared on Facebook that does a good job of telling the story of why this bear is eating ice cream from this guy's spoon.

The bear's name is Stepan. It's a cute video and worth the watch.

Pro Tip for potential Yellowstone National Park tourists: IT NORMALLY DOESN'T WORK THIS WAY. You laugh, but those of us that know how some tourists behave understand WHY THIS NEEDS TO BE IN ALL-CAPS. Yes, bears will chase you and possibly eat you and your ice cream. It's a fact.

Follow the official bear safety recommendations of Yellowstone National Park and don't do dumb stuff and we'll all be better for it.

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