A normal human being would never be able to safely get close enough to see young bears in this way. There's a brand new video that shows a Grizzly sow and her cubs and it is a rare look at how these cubs play.

According to the YouTube share, this video was captured by Judy Lehmberg. It's worth mentioning that Judy is a retired biology professor and is now a professional wildlife filmmaker. This means she is obviously using a professional zoom lens camera and also understands how these animals behave and where it's safe to be around them.

I thought it was interesting that Judy mentioned the sow is from the Obsidian Cliffs area. If you are a person who likes to search for obsidian, you know about this part of Yellowstone. You can thank the magma from the supervolcano for all the obsidian in this area. According to the NPS site, this was an area greatly affected by the fire of 1988.

If you look closely, you'll see this bear mom has a tagged collar. I don't envy the wildlife officials that had the task of putting that collar on.

This video is an awesome look at young bears at an age you rarely get to witness. If you're a tourist, leave this kind of video to trained professionals who know how to not get themselves eaten.

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