You may or may not be old enough to remember what the Casper area was like back in 1984. You can now look back and see how our area has changed over the past 35 years thanks to a new time-lapse video.

If you haven't played around with Google Earth Time-lapse, I highly recommend it. I created a video montage of Casper, Douglas and Glenrock from 1984 through 2018. It's so compelling to see the many different areas of development and growth.

The one area that really caught my eye was Soda Lake. You'll notice how large the water mass was back in 1984 compared to now. Crazy stuff.

If your curious mind wonders about areas not named Wyoming, Google has time-lapse videos of mining areas, brush fires, etc.

The only thing the Google time-lapse doesn't have is a street level view of all the parachute pants being worn in Casper back in 1984. That would have been truly classic.

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