If you need a feel good story this Christmas, I can help you with that. A Utah girl shared a video of her telling her dad her tumor is gone.

I saw this story shared several places across the net today. Digg and Yahoo TV were just a couple. Credit also to Steph Marshall of Storyful for catching this. According to them, this young woman is Ariana Marshall who lives near Salt Lake City. She was suffering from central giant cell granuloma. The Wikipedia description of this explains it's a tumor that affects the jaw. It's most common among women that are Ariana's age between 20 and 40.

According to Yahoo TV, this video was recorded by her mom as she broke the news to her dad that her tumor was gone. Emotional doesn't even begin to describe it. If you're a parent that has dealt with any kind of serious illness with a child, you can appreciate the pain and joy of this moment. If you're a parent that hasn't had a seriously ill child, then you have another reason to be thankful.

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