When a dog sees a bunch of humans running around a track it might think, "Oh what fun!" It might go on to think, wow they are slow. "I'll show them what fast is!"

At least that's what happened at a Salt Lake City track meet that still has the city talking. Watch the video below and you'll see the dog enter the race on the last leg.

Holly is the name of the dog, and according to her owners, she loves to run. The owners say that when she saw the runners she darted, yanking the leash from the hand that was holding it.

Holly's dad was a dog named Chuck Norris. Not kidding. That might explain a lot.

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It might sound unfair that the human that Holly beat still got the trophy. But, if you think about it, the dog was never officially entered into the race, so she was not eligible to win. Besides, it's not fair to pit humans against dogs in a foot race. The dog will win every time. This is also why we humans split teams into age categories and genders. At least Holly was racing with other girls, though I'm sure she would beat the human boys too. Besides - there is no way to win when competing against Chuck Norris's daughter.

Lanie is the name of the girl that Holly beat. She said that it wasn't until she saw Holly pass her that she realized why everyone was cheering the way they were. Her only worry was that the dog might cross in front of her and she would trip over it, taking them both out.

Lanie told a local TV reporter she would like to meet Holly again and get a picture with her.

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