My wife loves eagles. She rightly believes they are beautiful birds. What she may not realize is they can also be vicious killers. Don't believe me? There's a recent video share showing an eagle who successfully took town a wolf.

My dad used to tell me it wasn't the size of the dog in the fight, it was the size of the fight in the dog that counted. This is probably what he was talking about. I always knew that eagles were the best fishermen in the world. I had no idea they also went after apex predators like wolves. I do now.

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I can't verify that this video was captured in Yellowstone. It's a compilation of eagle attacks on all sorts of big game. The wolf attack in particular caught me by surprise. Even the wolf knew he was goners as he began to flee when he saw the eagles in pursuit.

If you still aren't convinced that eagles are ruthless, after the wolf encounter they show an eagle taking down a mountain goat. It's not for the squeamish, but if you watch you'll see the eagle pick up the mountain goat off the cliff and then drop it tumbling to its death so the eagle can swoop in and have an easy dinner.

Since wolves are a controversial topic in Yellowstone National Park, I would suggest the anti-wolf crowd recruit more eagles into the park. This video proves they are more than a match for an isolated wolf.

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