If you're new to Wyoming, please note that we love horses here. A lot. One family captured a neat video showing how they brought their miniature horse home in their Denali.

There's a cool backstory to this video. The family felt sorry for this new addition to their family and didn't want her to feel all alone in their horse trailer, so they put her in the cab of their truck. The song "Old Town Road" came on the radio and she started jamming out which is when they started recording the video.

Their telling of what happened is better than anything I could come up with:

Picking up our new miniature horse Miss 2020. She was so tiny I did not have the heart to put her in the horse trailer alone. We decided to put her in our GMC Yukon XL DENALI. As we started our trip back home the song “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X came on the radio and we started recording her riding in style listening to the music. It was meant to be! We had waited for 4 months to bring her home. We purchased her after we had suddenly lost her half brother which we had owned for 4 years.

Since they couldn't include the song in the video because of copyright stuff, here's the song to listen to while you watch this tiny horse do her thing.

There are few things in the world more Wyoming than a family bringing a new horse home. As good as it gets.

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