We admit we're not exactly objective, but we believe there are a lot of reasons to love Casper. The Braille Trail on Casper Mountain is certainly one of them and there's a new video that shows why it's so special.

Our friend, Tyler Thies, has just captured a snappy new time-lapse video of the Braille Trail. He calls it a "hyperlapse" and even though we don't think that's a word, that sounds about right after watching it.

The Braille Trail is not a long walk. As Visit Casper mentions, it's less than a half mile in length. Thanks to the fact that Tyler sped things up big time in his video, the entire video is only about a minute and a half.

It says a lot about Casper that extra effort is made for making our nature more accessible for the visually impaired. The Braille Trail is a highly recommended walk no matter what your visual abilities are. Thanks to Tyler for capturing video to show the rest of the world about this small, but important part of life in Casper.

The Braille Trail even has its own Facebook page if you'd like to share your experiences there.

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