YouTube vlogger and influencer from Ohio named Jess, set out on a trip west. Just her, her motorcycle, cameras and whatever supplies she could carry on her bike. She named her trip "Jess Goes West". She jumped on her bike and took an incredible solo trip.

Her destination was Sturgis, but once she got there, she wasn't ready for the trip to end. After staying 8 days in South Dakota for the rally, she jumped on her bike and kept it pointed west and rolled into Wyoming.

If you head to her YouTube channel @Her.Two.Wheels she's starting to release the videos from her journey.

A couple of those videos are

Preparing To Leave For Sturgis and Getting the Proper Gear

Tips and tricks of being solo at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Biker Belles Women's Day Ride

Trading Her Harley At Sturgis

Jess does a great job of giving it straight and not holding anything back. She shares her highlights and lowlights of her trip.

When her time at the rally was over, she wasn't ready to go home. She jumped on her bike and rode into Wyoming. During her ride, she went through the Bighorn's on her way to Cody and she got to experience Wyoming's pure beauty. During her initial 300 mile ride she experiences the wrath of the legendary Wyoming wind.

Jess' entire road trip was awesome and she's just shared the first video from her stint in Wyoming, with more to come. It's cool to see and hear someone's first impression and experience with the Cowboy State.

Check out the first episode of her Jess Goes West series

Here's episode 2 from the Jess Goes West Series.

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