Last weekend the tv show Sunday, On CBS, featured Devils Tower in the winter.

No words.

No music.

Just the sights and sounds.

This sort of scene began with a news feature on the CBS evening news called On The Road with Charles Kuralt.

Then, one day the evening news ended with a video of a field of summer flowers, no music, just a breeze, the sounds of birds, and bees buzzing.

People loved it.

From there it developed into an hour-long show called On The Road With Charles Kuralt, which was a CBS primetime feature a couple of times a year.

Mr. Kuralt would travel the country looking for interesting people and interesting stories.

Whoever was shooting this video seemed fascinated with the prairie dog town at the base of the tower.

He also got a good shot of some bucks out looking for what grass they could find.

They were also fortunate enough to see a coyote.

Then, a herd of pronghorns run off.

Finally, the show became a Sunday morning show that's been on the air for decades.

Sunday Morning On CBS.

Mr. Kuralt has passed on. Several other hosts have come and gone.

But the feel of the show has never changed.

The program has some news, but mostly it's about interesting people, places, and things.

It's all delivered in a quiet Sunday Morning style.

So here we have the closing of the show where, as always, they take us someplace special and just record.

No voice, no music, just the natural sounds and sites.

Last Sunday they featured Devils Tower in winter and it caught the attention of Wyoming State Senator, and president of the Senate, Ogden Driskill watched this scene on television. This is literally his backyard. He found the video on YouTube and posted it.

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