There's no doubt you've seen videos, pictures and heard stories from people that fell in love with Wyoming after just one visit. Heck, that's my story too. I was 12 and visited with my grandparents and always knew I'd live her someday.

I particularly enjoy when I see the reaction from people that travel to all corners of the world, and are blown away by what Wyoming has to offer. These travelers have been to some of the biggest and most beautiful places on earth, but are stunned and shocked by the beauty Wyoming has to offer.

If you ever go down the Instagram 'Reels' or TikTok video rabbit hole, you surely know the reaction I'm talking about.

Stunned by the beauty and history enough that they spend time finding the perfect camera angle, areas to shoot video from and song that would fit the video feature.

Wyoming may be the best kept secret in the entire United States. That's what we love about Wyoming, it's like the Superman of the country. Hides under the disguise of a boring, mysterious, unexpecting, and dull State. Once you see Wyoming in action, everything you thought you knew goes out the window.

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Yep, I just compared the Cowboy State to a Superhero. That comparison is accurate, too. It doesn't matter which way you enter, from the North, South, East or West, you're in awe the entire time you're here. That's what pulls people back every chance they get.

They know they can't live here, but they can visit any chance they get.

Take a look at a couple Reels I found that showcases that beauty and excitement people feel.

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