Back in 1977 a "documentary" called Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" was released in theaters.

It was the story of a government coverup of a UFO landing, and collaboration, with aliens from another world.

Recently a  big white dot was seen over Montana. It then traveled southeast, right over Wyoming and Devils Tower, where the UFO landings took place back in the 1970s.


It just HAPPENED to travel right over Devil's Tower?

Does anyone think that's just a bit... ODD?

Let's take a look at the path as posted by this tweet on Twitter. The same track was shown on several news sites, provided by meteorologists.

attachment-Path Of Chinese Baloon

To be clear, if the balloon had stopped moving and then descended on Devil's Tower, I think we would have all been SCREWED!

Everybody was asking why the "balloon" was not shot down as soon as it crossed into U.S. airspace.

"Well now, that's a DARN GOOD QUESTIONS!" Said the tin hatters.

And since it passed right over Devil's Tower, maybe we have a few questions for the Pentagon.

Okay, so the thing did not land there and no aliens jumped out, THAT WE KNOW OF!

But if you saw close encounters you know darn well that our government will go to amazing lengths to weave a deceptive story.

One conspiracy theory about the balloon is that it took off from Wuhan China and was over the U.S. to deliver the latest version of Covid to America.

Other theories "floated" were that it was a spy platform and was being steered over American military bases.

Until I hear otherwise, I'm going with the close encounters theory, that I just made up.

I'll get back to you when we actually have facts.

Anyone up in Crook County or Hewlett Wyoming see any dead cows?

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